Innovation Nation is a specialized partner that invests in the European businesses with a focus in; Materials and Specialty Industrials businesses. Specializes in these businesses due to their attractive global trends, technology and innovation, and opportunities to create value-driven solutions. Innovation Nation philosophy is to partner with the teams, provide them with methodologies, resources, develop open and constructive relationships. Makes wise use of the unique blend of technical and business acumen and committed to make the big-picture vision reality.

Our Approach

Innovation Nation is creating and developing of innovation investments & partnerships, provides on-demand consultancy to accelerate businesses. From ideation, at pre-seed to seed stage, enable startups & scaleups and SMEs to grow, acting as partner and/or as consultant.

Our Focus

Innovation Nation accelerate businesses that impact the global trends and challenges, specialized in materials and specialty industrials, our focus is:

  • Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Renewables and Clean Tech Industry
  • Valorisation of waste

Our Expertise

Innovation Nation resources can assist businesses in Management of Technological Innovation and applies the Lean Startup movement methodologies;

  • Business Strategy Dialog
  • Project & Portfolio management
  • Venture building
  • Lean New Product Development & process development
  • Sustainability, pivot or persevere
  • Team structure development to innovate

Partner & Consultant

Xandra Weinbeck

Xandra Weinbeck

innovator curiosity

Xandra holds a MBA degree, BSc degree in chemical engineering and MSc degree in chemical engineering.


Fascinated by innovation: how can a company structure itself in such a way that it is adaptable to its business environment, innovative as well as incremental, radical or adjacent and able to find the optimal setup to align its business development according to the type of innovation.

Managing innovation portfolio

Article revisited, because the article is still interesting and for further use… my next inspiration Source: Geoff Tuff and Bansi Nagji, May 2012, Managing Your Innovation Portfolio, Harvard Business Review. The global competitive pressures and Read more…

Innovation portfolio

Just give it a thought, how to create and maintain a global innovation project portfolio. The following could be a start on creating a strategic framework. Value maximization of the Innovation portfolio: Define assessment process Read more…

Understanding the future

Fantastic book “Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using Drive to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends” to read on the DRIVE framework (Demographic and social changes, Resource scarcity, Inequalities, Volatility, scale and complexity, Enterprising dynamics), Read more…


As mentioned, the different diffusion paths of innovation have an effect on diffusion speed of innovation. The type of innovation determines the diffusion path (incremental or radical). NPD processes could be adapted accordingly to improve Read more…

Market and technology selection

Some innovations are more suitable for traditional NPD processes, others are appropriate for start-up innovation processes; which process is a best fit for a certain innovation is strongly related to the technology and market entry Read more…

Running Lean Methodology

Running Lean Methodology (RLM) is a set of three steps that guide a company through the process of capturing a business idea, testing it with potential customers, adapting it to customer needs, building a prototype Read more…

Customer Development Model

The Customer Development Model (CDM), divides customer-related activities carried out in the early stage of a company into four easy- to-understand steps: Customer Discovery, Customer Validation, Customer Creation, and Company Building. These steps support ongoing Read more…


Lean product development ways of working have entered the traditional Stage-Gate process, which offers good principles and methods for removing waste in the innovation process. The concept of spiral loops or agile development is built Read more…


Companies use traditional new product development (NPD) processes, such as the Stage-Gate process. The Stage-Gate (full) process is a conceptual and operational map for moving new product projects from idea to launch and beyond for Read more…


I developed a framework that combines several new product development (NPD) methodologies. The aim of this framework is to give direction in which methodology and which team structure you need, to successfully develop a new Read more…

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